Friday, September 24, 2010

Scott Pilgrim

Taking another break from trying to write my review for The Last Airbender to review Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, possibly one of the geekiest romantic-comedy movies ever to exist.

Based on the Canadian graphic novel series, the movie is romantic in that a lot of the plot evolves around the relationship of title character Scott Pilgrim and two love interests. Basic plot stuff, right? Yeah well, that's the only basic thing about the movie; every thing else belongs to the realm of Fantasy, Adventure, Action and Comedy.

One of the love interests has a League of Evil Exes which Scott must defeat in order to gain the right to date her. At the same time, Scott must decide which of his two love interests he actually wants to date, and along the way, embarks on a sort of self-discovery quest (which, given he's in his twenties, is long overdue) where he comes to understand people and himself better.

With pretty much every single geek reference one can pack into a hundred and twelve minutes.
(Seriously. It's mind-boggling how much detailed geek references is packed into it.)

What makes this movie brilliant is how true to the books it remains, retaining all the visual and interactive onomatopoeia and gaming rules that exists in the book. Combined with a diverse cast of rich and strongly written characters, the movie re-creates the bizarrely fantastic and fun world of books, and yet pulls it off to be believable without losing a spark of excellence to it's plot and characters.

In short, this movie is awesome and lives up to it's tagline "An epic of epic epicness". I recommend it to.... pretty much everyone who wants funny and fantastic taken to a new level.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Temple Grandin

Okay, this one is a personal to me, since  I'm autistic as well, and so I relate to some of the thoughts, feelings and how Temple processes things.  That being said, autistics are each unique, with various degrees of abilities and disabilities and different manners in which autism manifests.  When you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.

Anyways, on to the movie Temple Grandin, a biography drama of key points in Temple's life that lead her to become one of the leading experts in humane cattle systems and autism awareness advocate.  It is based on two of the books Temple has written about her life and autism.

It is a very touching story of a young woman with autism struggling to understand and function in a world that does not understand her and can be very cruel to difference.  The film very brilliantly illustrates her unique perspective, challenges and unwavering determination. 

Temple Grandin is wonderfully written, excellently acted and is an awe-inspiring story.

I highly recommend to people looking to know more about autism, as well as those interested in personal dramas.  A beautiful film.