Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iron Man 1 and 2

Okay, I'm taking a brief break from the long list to write about the five movies that I just watched this past week: Thank You for Smoking, the BBC's Hamlet, The Iron Giant, Gunless, and Iron Man 2.  Actually, since I've seen Iron Man about 8 times (in theatre) and have it practically memorized, let's add it as well.  Also, Iron Man 2 picks up exactly where Iron Man leaves off.... literally.  I half imagine a comic book text box reading "Meanwhile, in Russia..." in the opening of Iron Man 2. 

So, Iron Man and the latest release Iron Man 2... what can I say? Both are excellent movies, with a tight script full of witty dialogue and action packed sequences.   There are some scenes where the dialogue contains innuendo that I expect goes over the head of younger viewers, but refrains from being particularly graphic. However, the storytelling is superb, lacking glaring plot-holes and capturing the essence of the characters, which are spectularly performed by the actors.

Granted, I may not be a comic book expert, but I think that compared to other comic book adaptations, these were really well done.  It was funny without being rediculous, the action was exciting without being too graphic, and had a sweet subtle romance without being cheesey. 

In short, I really liked these films and highly recommend them.

P.S.  Watch the credits all the way through.  You'll see why... :D

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