Friday, June 18, 2010


No, not the 1998 American remake.  I mean the original 1954 cult classic Gojira, the about how American nuclear tests created the unstoppable King of the Monsters, Godzilla. 

Really?  Haven't seen this?  Okay okay, it's a Japanese 1954 film, styles were different then, and black and white isn't for everyone.  However, given the time period and effects of the era, this truly is an excellent film.  And I mean film, not movie.

Unlike the campy monster movies that it inspired, Gojira is an unflinching metaphor as to the devastation that nuclear bombs and war in general, causes.  And damn, is it well done. 

Really.  They don't call it a Masterpiece for nothing.

So, if you like monsters, and are looking for something a little more than the usual monster movie, I have one question for you; why haven't you watched this? 

Oh yeah, and this includes the American release of it, under the name Godzilla.  Either of them, go pick up on the originals. 

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