Saturday, August 28, 2010


oooooh goodness, Inception.  Okay, yes, I'm finally getting around to reviewing it. 

Inception is an action paced sci-fi mystery thriller about these operatives that specialize in dream hacking and stealing information from people's minds.  That's the premise.  Now take that premise, and imagine an action movie set in someone's dreams.  Because that is the mind-bending thrill-ride of film this is. 

Seriously, I'm ignoring grammar rules to try and review this one.  It's that freaking good.

Now, the plot is mind-blender twisted, so for viewers who prefer more simple plots, this might not be for you.  However, I would recommend this one for those of you who want to try complicated plots, because Inception is beautifully and solidly written. 

It also is superbly acted, with an incredible cast, music and special effects.  I really can't go into this one too much, due to sheer mind-blown awesomeness.  This film goes onto my favourites shelf, and I'm hoping that it goes on yours too.

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